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An eagle eye for great opportunities

Real estate acquisition encompasses the purchase and sale of income-producing real property which is held specifically as an investment. Real estate investments can serve as inflation hedges, offer portfolio diversifications, and provide income and capital appreciation. In the case of long term triple-net leased properties, they can also be passive investments. Like other investment vehicles, real estate can offer a complete spectrum of investment returns directly related to risks. Our target area is the Austin, Texas metropolitan commercial real estate market. Prospective acquisitions include: raw land, office, and retail properties. Population increases within this market have created a renewed demand for these commercial services. The potential for stable and consistent increases in property values and income streams have made commercial property a sound mechanism for maximizing short term income and long term growth. Through market experience and aggressive research, we are poised to acquire prime properties for development or re-development. Once acquired, the properties are managed for specific times based on the individual client goals.


We understand how to structure a tax-deferred exchange. These exchanges are not difficult when handled correctly by an experienced intermediary.

Tax Deferred Exchanges

We act as a facilitator and advisor and sometimes as a co-inventor or partner relative to group ventures. The bottom line is always the same – finding the "win-win" business solution that mutually benefits each party.

Joint Ventures & Group Investments

RMCRE is experienced in all phases of property acquisition and disposition. We also bring together private investors when unique investment opportunities arise, oftentimes, taking on an equity position ourselves. RMCRE has the tools to help an investor accomplish their specific goals.

Joint Ventures & Group Investments
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