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An eagle eye for great opportunities


At RMCRE, we have been providing Austin with exemplary retail brokerage services in representing both tenants and landlords to achieve their real estate objectives. Whether for a start-up company, a national retailer, an individual property owner, or an institutional investor, we are experienced and dedicated to work with our clients. We are your single source broker who skillfully navigates clients through each step of the process, including site selection, state-of-the-art market studies and research reports, contract negotiations, or vendor referrals for legal, construction, architecture, signage and more.


We offer the best of traditional office tenant representation and investment brokerage while fundamentally redefining the role of real estate service provider. We have learned to focus on both the short and long term goals of our clients before implementing a plan to resolve their space requirement needs. We also have formed alliances with local industry experts such as architect, construction contractors, telecommunication providers, attorneys, etc. to assist clients


RMCRE offers a broad range of services customized to achieve our clients’ business objectives. We deliver relevant information according to your deadlines and implement company strategies that allow management to make decisions that delivers value added results. We analyze results to ensure compliance with the corporate culture and negotiate terms that add to our client’s bottom line results. In addition, we work with an array of complimentary third party providers to complement our services and insure value added delivery of synergistic processes and procedures.


Location, location, location. Everyone knows that these are the three prime ingredients for successful real estate ventures. Why is location and site selection so important? Because the economic factors affecting a location are virtually uncontrollable by a developer. Real estate professionals evaluate alternative locations during the development decision-making process in order to select the best available alternative because, once a decision has been made, the factors beyond the property boundaries will have dramatic influence on the property for its entire economic life. In order to minimize risk in a project, a real estate purchaser/user should seek to minimize locational risk and maximize locational rewards. The locational analysis and funding can best be completed by savvy real estate professional advisors who know the market well and who have successfully completed site findings for several clients and/or developed projects for their own accounts.

We provide advice on the myriad of details that complicate land transactions, such as zoning, plan of development requirements, utility locations, road improvements, etc. Additionally, we use state-of-the-art software to provide aerial photography, demographics, comparable property sales and other resources to assist clients in making the best acquisition decision. 

For clients considering relocation or expansion or acquisition of multiple locations, we research market conditions for specific and sometimes corporate or franchisor requirements. Drawing on the expertise of professionals with hands-on market experience, Russel Moore Commercial Real Estate (RMCRE) can identify and evaluate locations locally. Through our property databases and market knowledge, we can provide information to clients on sites available in the market place. Whether you need multiple new retail locations or pad sites, or a build-to-suit warehouse facility. We can identify and evaluate locations for your needs.

Site selection

Russel Moore Commercial Real Estate (RMCRE) is experienced in assisting businesses to determine if a market meets their criteria based upon factors such as demographics, competition, rental rates, market trends and space availability. In addition, market analysis may help a client or customer evaluate a lease vs. buy decision.

Market Analysis
  • Interview with client/develop appropriate scope of services

  • Perform market research and analysis of available properties

  • Coordinate tours of potentially suitable alternatives

  • Negotiate favorable contract terms through market knowledge

  • Save client valuable time and resources

  • Coordinate build-out schedules/closing process

  • Assist in determining the current market value of the property

  • Analyze the marketability factors

  • Consult with the client regarding current market conditions

  • Devise creative strategies for positioning and marketing the unique attributes of each property to maximize visibility and market appeal

  • Produce quality materials that appropriately communicate the creative concept


Whether supporting property owners and landlords in maximizing their return on investments, or helping tenants and business owners find or construct the right office at the best value, RMCRE provides experience and insights into the production of win-win relationships. Each business deal is important to both the seller/lessor and the buyer/lessee, making it extremely important to us.

Each property presents a unique opportunity to creatively highlight its most appealing attributes. Thus, a successful marketing program will include a creative strategy that uniquely presents the property and targets potential users and brokers. This program must set your asset apart from comparable properties, communicate market appeal to appropriate audiences and alleviate potential end user concerns.

Other brokerage services we provide include:
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