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An eagle eye for great opportunities

Russel Moore Commercial Real Estate (RMCRE) is a retail real estate company engaged in the business of developing, operating, and managing retail properties ranging from single tenant free-standing buildings to multi-tenant shopping centers. We are experienced in all phases of commercial development including, site selection, conception, site planning, and development.

  • Obtain zoning changes, subdivision, re-plats, and administrative adjustments

  • Perform site design and space planning

  • Prepare project and site analysis

  • Coordinate various financing options

  • Coordinate construction activities

  • Design build with market partners (general contractors)

The underlying goal of our company is two-fold. We focus on adding value to existing well-located underperforming retail properties by building relationships with retailers and property owners. Secondly, we create value and profit through our real estate ventures.

We can help coordinate the following development services:
  • Maintain a clear focus on what we do best; including acquiring, developing, leasing, renovating and managing retail properties

  • Support actions based upon long-term business, not short-term results

  • Develop and execute the financing plan of the proposed development, including negotiations with project debt and equity providers

  • Develop and execute the leasing plan of the proposed development, including marketing plans and negotiating with the prospective retailers. Negotiate and select the contractors involved in the development and supervise the construction team from ground-breaking through tenant possession of the space

  • Supervise management of the retail properties within the portfolio and for the third property owners


Our extensive industry experience aided by the latest technological advances, make RMCE poised to undertake commercial real estate sector assignments. We deliver quality development projects and carefully limit the scope and number of projects undertaken at any given time. This strategy has proven to be integral in the company's success. In addition, we have established a solid working relationship with a number of lending institutions willing to extend construction financing. These strong relationships have also contributed to our long term success as well as the success of our client partnerships.

We adhere to the following principles to make certain the company will create value in all of its transactions:

Development requires vision, risk taking, significant risk capital, and a professional and experienced team. While performing all the required tasks for vertical development can take anywhere from 12-36 months, the financial rewards are significant.

Vertical Development
  • Secure land

  • Procure entitlements

  • Capitalize the project

  • Assemble the team

  • Construct the asset

  • Finalize the lease-up

Specific vertical development tasks include:
  • Demand economic discipline, creating the appropriate yield to warrant the risk

  • Focus on value engineering, through an iterative process, to create an attractive, functional, and affordable product

  • Leverage on the affiliated land acquisitions’ competitive advantages: land basis, government incentives, and sense of place offered through land planning and architecture

  • Capitalize the asset for construction and leasing risk appropriately

  • Maximize the tax benefits through depreciation, amortization, capital gains, and 1031 exchanges

Our philosophy towards vertical development is to:

Land differentiates from real estate from alternative investments as every site is unique. In addition to its finite supply, land is impacted by macro and micro market economic factors, including: location, physical conditions, accessibility, visibility, and government regulations and incentives. As a non-earning asset in cyclical business, land is a risky asset. However, buying land opportunistically with value enhancement can be very profitable and can lead to controlling significant vertical investments.

Land Development
  • Buy land in the path of growth with preference on “in fill” locations

  • Add value through planning and/or entitlement

  • Seek government incentives, where available

  • Finance with lower leverage, longer maturities and rate protection

  • Utilize equity partners who have the ability to be patient

  • Evaluate the option to develop vertically with build-to-suits and speculative construction

  • Maximize favorable tax treatment through capital gains and 1031 exchanges

Our philosophy toward land investment is to:
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